new rug

#xmasjam (at Warren Haynes Christmas Jam)

kentucky-virginia line. #appalachia

2 degrees over Chicago.

#latergram from the boz bros birthday abbreviated (and inebriated) brewery crawl. ™ (at Austin Beerworks)

aroma hops in waiting. me and the ol man attempting a Rochefort 10 knockoff. #homebrew

sorry not sorry #nin

bears n stuff. #ditkuh

spensive shit.

bass jump?

round dance!! (at Elm Grove Community Center)

Marilyn likes the verde. #lookatmytaco (at Polvos Mexican Restaurant)

G. (at utopiafest)

El Cedro! Jester King’s hoppy cedar-aged ale with brettanomyces yeast. 8%, 42 IBU. tastes amazing. #craftbeer #atxbeer